"The Compact Case of YOSHIDA" - From Japan's No.1 to the World.

Since our establishment in 1946, we have continued to deal directly with major cosmetics companies in Japan and around the world, and have earned the trust of the cosmetics container industry.

Creating environmentally friendly YOSHIDA quality

To date, we have developed a number of proprietary technologies related to plastic molding to meet the needs of the times. Currently, in addition to this, we are aiming to be on the cutting edge of sustainable containers.
Our goal has been and will continue to be to increase our existence value by meeting the needs of the times.

"Welcoming Difficulties" - Passing on a Challenging Corporate Culture

We make about 300 molds a year, and we have 75 different types of products in the market.
The container designs we receive from our customers are all very ingenious. It is not easy to give form to them, and requires a variety of technical creativity. However, responding to these demands, and having responded to them, is Yoshida's specialty.

Message from the President

Yuzo Yoshida President

What we expect from our employees

In a maturing market, breaking away from commoditization is a challenge that everyone faces. And everyone thinks that in order to avoid commoditization, it is necessary to differentiate oneself from other companies. On the other hand, I believe that we modern Japanese are timid about being different or changing. We tend to be too concerned about the negative risks ahead and choose to stay with the status quo. Therefore, I try to support employees who are willing to make changes, take on challenges, and create, and give them a push when they have the opportunity to do so and try to stay with the status quo.
This is one of the aspects of my job that I want my employees to experience the joy of creating new value, which I experienced while working as a researcher for a manufacturer and creating something that did not exist in the market.
Besides change, challenge, and creation, there is one more thing. In order to turn around a new mechanism or produce a new product created by these changes, it may be necessary for many people to work together to build a new flow. At this time, the person or position to whom the baton is passed is not always the same, so if there is a gap, the work will not be completed unless there is someone who is willing to take on the role of a link. In this way, one of the important skills we look for in our employees is the ability to take on new tasks themselves for the sake of collaboration and to help their colleagues.

Work Attraction

For suppliers of the materials that make up our products, we have The products we produce become a hit in the market. The seeds of our original development proposals are adopted by our customers in their new products. I believe that these are common rewards.
There is one thing that I think is special about being in the cosmetics container order sales business.
One is, "I bought the package." This is one of the reasons why we have been able to deliver excitement and thrill directly to users through the presence of the containers, which are supposed to play a supporting role.
The other is. We are often told that the containers we manufactured evoke nostalgia and that our customers used to use the cosmetics themselves, or that their mothers used them when they were young. It is the greatest joy and greatest pride for those of us involved in the manufacturing process when a container we manufactured becomes a memorable item for the user, as they remember that it has been a part of their daily life for many decades.

What we aim to achieve in the future

In recent years, the cosmetics industry has been trying to use "Made in Japan" as a weapon in drawing up a growth strategy centered on the development of Asian markets. The advantages over producing in Europe and the U.S. in terms of shorter lead times and reduced greenhouse gas emissions related to transportation, as well as the image of safety and security, seem to be the reasons for choosing to produce in Japan. This trend is an opportunity for us to further grow, and we will continue to propose and sell our unique containers to cosmetics companies around the world.
In response to the growing demand for sustainable container development, we are introducing non-fossil fuel-derived plastics and recycled plastics to our customers and steadily increasing our track record of commercialization. On the other hand, in Japan, refill pouches for shampoo and conditioner had been available in stores before the problem of marine pollution by plastic was widely discussed, and the refill method of removing and replacing only the contents of a compact case had been established even earlier. Today, Japan is criticized abroad for being backward-looking in its efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but Japan has a culture that should be spread around the world, born out of the "mottainai" spirit.
The durability of the container is important to refill it and use it repeatedly, and we have long manufactured containers with quality standards based on the assumption that they will continue to be used for a long time.
We will continue to replace plastics with more sustainable materials, while proposing to the world to reduce waste plastics by adopting more refill methods.

For those who are considering joining the company

Many may think that the future of the plastics industry is bleak. However, simply avoiding the use of plastics is not a solution to the environmental problem, since the use of plastics undoubtedly contributes in some areas to reducing greenhouse gas emissions more than the use of other materials. The development of new materials and the promotion of their use are necessary to solve the problem, and we aim to play a part in promoting the use of new materials in the field of cosmetic containers. Let's work together to set the standard for sustainable containers of the future.

Application Process

Applications from within the web site are limited to mid-career hires only. For new graduates, please apply through "Mynavi".

New graduates can apply from "Mynavi".

New graduates, go to the “Mynavi”. New graduates, go to the “Mynavi”.

Mid-Career Recruitment Flow

Skill Development Initiatives

Career Plan

Career Plan

Conducting various training and study sessions. Implementation of support for certification.

We conduct training, workshops, and study sessions to improve the skills of our employees to ensure safe and smooth operations, to improve quality, and to build a foundation for enhancing development capabilities.
We also provide support for employees who wish to acquire qualifications such as molding technicians.

Welfare program

Complete renovation of the company cafeteria in 2021!

A varied menu that you will never get tired of
  • 396 yen per meal (tax included)
  • Two menus that change daily
  • Choice of two small bowls of cooked food
  • Monthly fairs are also held.
Stylish café-style interior Can be used for various occasions such as lunch, rest, or for visitors
  • Multiple types of seating from one to six, including counter and box seating.
  • Free use of tea machines (coffee is very popular!)

Daily menu at the company cafeteria *This is an example.

We offer maternity and childcare leave. (We also provide our own staggered workday system).

Six weeks (14 weeks in the case of multiple births) can be taken before birth and eight weeks after birth. In principle, childcare leave can be taken until the day before the child reaches one year of age. (In the case of specific reasons, such as inability to enroll in a daycare center, up to the day before the child reaches the age of two)
The shortened working hours for childcare can be reduced up to 2 hours by combining before and after hours.
(At our company, until the end of the third grade of elementary school *Until the child is 3 years old according to the Child Care and Family Care Leave Law)
We also have a number of male employees who have taken childcare leave.
In addition, our unique staggered workday system allows both men and women to apply to change their working hours for childcare or nursing care. (Change working hours back and forth in 30-minute increments, up to a maximum of one hour)
Since the actual working hours and rest periods per day remain unchanged, the employee is considered to be working as usual when calculating wages and attendance rates.
You can share the transportation of your children with your partner without affecting your wages.

Staff Interviews

    • Product Design Engineer

    • Department
      Design Department, Design 1 Group
      Year of entry into the company
      April 2008
      (new graduates)
      Job Responsibilities
      Product development and design of cosmetics containers in general
    • Sales

    • Department
      Sales Department 3
      Year of entry into the company
      January 2014
      (Joined the company mid-career)
      Job Responsibilities
      Sales activities and incidental work related to sales
    • Inspection Technician for Developed Products

    • Department
      Product Department Product 1 Group
      Year of entry into the company
      October 2016
      (Joined the company mid-career)
      Job Responsibilities
      Product inspection, mold modification arrangements, red file (factory distribution documents) preparation
    • Operations Group Management Positions

    • Department
      Technology Department
      Year of entry into the company
      June 2004
      (Joined the company mid-career)
      Job Responsibilities
      Administration of Operations Group
    • Molding and Tooling Engineer

    • Department
      Ashikaga Engineering Department Ashikaga Mold 2 Group
      Year of entry into the company
      December 2014
      (Joined the company mid-career)
      Job Responsibilities
      Ashikaga Mold 2 Group Administration

Introduction of Work Scenes

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It is approximately 70% male and 30% female.
    As a supplement, female managers and supervisors are also actively involved in the company.

  • It is about 40 years old.
    The average for the manufacturing industry is just over 40 years old, so this is about average. We have a wide range of staff, from young to old.

  • Approximately 40% of our employees are new graduates and more than 50% are mid-career employees. Both new graduates and mid-career staff are active in the company.

  • Our personnel system is designed to help each employee develop his or her own abilities and to create a rewarding and vibrant workplace.
    This personnel system consists of a job qualification grading system, a job evaluation system, a personal goal system, a department performance evaluation system, and a compensation system. At the beginning of each fiscal year, each employee discusses with his/her supervisor and sets his/her own goals according to his/her job and qualification grade, and then discusses them with his/her supervisor again after the year-end results are released, and the evaluation is finalized.
    There are two types of goals: those with numerical results (quantitative goals) and those without numerical results (qualitative goals).

  • Although there is no specific system, we actively encourage employees to take internal and external training courses so that they can work on their own.
    Basically, after joining the company, employees are required to obtain qualifications necessary for their work under the guidance of their supervisors.
    There are some qualifications for which the company pays for the cost of taking the courses and examinations, etc.

  • For mid-career hires, it takes approximately one month from the time of application.
    We will be as flexible as possible depending on your situation.

  • For mid-career hires, there is no uniformity as it depends on the experience and ability of the individual. Basically, you will learn about our manufacturing through on-the-job training in which you will share the work of your seniors in the same department and, if necessary, receive training and practical work in various departments in the Technology Department and group company factories.

Application Information

  • Open Positions

    ■Engineering Positions
     (1) Product design *Not a CAD operator
     (2) Mold try out for final finishing (prototype molding, mold maintenance)
     (3) Inspection, study and arrangement of mold modification, decoration (printing)
     (4) Management position working in Ashikaga (main duties of the department in charge are ( 2) and (3)).
  • Scheduled dates of employment

    at any time
  • Eligibility requirements

    Required: knowledge and work experience with resins.
    Preferred: knowledge and experience in mold forming and prototype evaluation related to injection molding and blow molding.
  • Application documents

    Resume with photo, work histor
  • Application procedures

    From the application form
  • Selection process

    Document screening → 1st interview → Web diagnosis, reference check → 2nd interview (including workplace tour, detailed job description, explanation of rules and regulations, etc.) → Offer of employment
  • Work location

    Head Office (Sumida-ku, Tokyo) or Ashikaga Technical Department (in our Ashikaga Plant in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture)
  • Starting salary

    Depending on your experience
  • Benefits

    Job qualification grade allowance, management/supervisory position allowance, housing allowance, family allowance, outside work allowance (sales staff), skill/qualification allowance, technical allowance, commuting allowance
  • Salary increase

    Once a year (April)
  • Promotion

    Once a year (August)
  • Bonus

    Twice a year (June and December)
  • Retirement

    60 years old
  • Working hours

    Rest 60 minutes (10:00~10:05, 12:00~12:45, 14:50~15:00)
  • Holidays

    121 days off per year
    2 days off per week every week
    Depends on our company calendar.
    Sundays and national holidays
    Work on Saturdays about 6 times a year *Weeks with national holidays
    Summer vacation
    Year-end and New Year vacations
    Paid vacations *10 days granted after 6 months of employment
    Celebration or condolence leave, refreshment leave, etc.
  • Welfare benefits

    Social insurance, company cafeteria, financial savings, recreation facilities (health insurance association), childcare and nursing care leave system, medical checkups (upon joining the company and periodically), retirement allowance system, etc.
  • Training programs

    External Education and Training Programs (Learning Agency)
    In-house specialized training and workshops
    External Training Courses
  • Support for qualifications

  • Others

    Efforts to prevent passive smoking: Yes (no smoking indoors, smoking areas on site)
New graduates, go to the “Mynavi”.
For mid-career hiring, go to the dedicated entry form.