We would like to introduce some of the company's buildings.

Main Office

Technology Office I/Technology Office Ⅱ

Main Office


Reception Main Office, 1F

When you arrive, please check in here first.
Exhibition Room

Exhibition RoomMain Office,2F

Our company's more than 70 years history of manufacturing and development of cosmetics containers is on display.
You can actually hold the exhibited products in your hands.
The number of items on display is approximately 8,500.
Reception room

Reception roomMain Office,2F

We welcome our guests.
Other reception rooms and meeting rooms are also available.

Technology Office Ⅱ

Prototype room

Prototype room Technology Office Ⅱ, 1F

Trial and error is conducted with the molds that have been fabricated.
We aim for the coexistence of the customer's design and YOSHIDA's functionality by creating a product in the form of a product.
We modify the molds.
In order to start up mass production smoothly, we pay attention to the sound of the molds.
Every day, professionals in various fields launch 300 new models per year.
CAD Room

CAD RoomTechnology Office Ⅱ, 4F

Images, designs, product data, etc. received from customers
We design based on various requests.

Technology Office Ⅰ

Testing Room and Decorating Room

Testing Room and Decorating RoomTechnology Office Ⅰ, 2F

We test functionality such as strength and sensuality, and adjust the appearance of surfaces such as resin coating and decorations.

CafeteriaTechnology Office I, 3F

A space where creative ideas can easily emerge.
A space where everyone can spend time with a smile.
The cafeteria is a cafeteria-style dining hall based on the concept of.
It can be used as a meeting space as well as for breaks.

Laboratory Building

Laboratory building

Laboratory building6 minutes walk from the head office

We are developing new mechanisms, decorations, and materials that have not yet been introduced to the world.
We research and develop new technologies.