Narrow-mouth containers for lotion, milky lotion, etc. We can accommodate everything from sample use to large volumes, and we also offer caps, inner stoppers, and pump dispensers that come with the containers. Standard containers are also available.


    • The blow-molded container is inserted into the mold and covered on the outside with a special transparent plastic. The container is so massive that it could be mistaken for a glass bottle, yet it has a moist texture when held in the hand. Another feature of this product is that the inner and outer surfaces of the container can be made into completely different shapes. (PAT) This process can be applied not only to bottles but also to jar containers made by the blow method.
      ※"PLAGLASS" logo is registered trademark of the YOSHIDA INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd. in the US, EM and Japan.
  • Thick-walled blow bottles

    • These plastic bottles have thicker walls than regular injection blow bottles. It features the advantages of plastic, which does not break even if dropped, combined with the thick-walled, glass-like weight. These bottles are used for emulsions, beauty serums, liquid foundations, mascaras, etc. We also have a proven track record of producing numerous ultra-thick containers that do not blow.
  • Multi-layer injection bottles

    • These injection blow bottles are made of parison formed in multiple layers by a multiple molding method. The color, thickness, and material of the inner and outer layers can be changed.
  • Sustainable options

    • We can handle biomass materials and recycled materials, and have a large number of actual products. We can also propose biomass inks and coatings. Please contact us for refill design.