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Ashikaga Factory

New building completed in Ashikaga Factory
In April 2020, a new building (total floor area of 2777.87m2) was completed in the Ashikaga Factory.
Semi-clean room, keeping temperature and humidity constant, conducting (antistatic) measures are set up.
In addition, a solar panel device (annual power generation of 82,500 kw/h) is installed on the rooftop.
We will care the environmental activity and strive to further improve in quality.

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SHISEIDO snow beauty series

Yoshida technologies have been incorporated for the last seven years in the SHISEIDO snow beauty compact series. The packaging design expresses “the joy of first snowfall in Japan” an event that has been celebrated since ancient times. The motif is based on Japanese ancient folklore and patterns. These concepts were then transposed into YK print and incorporated into Yoshida’s Mold Decoration Technology. The technology entails that a transfer film be inserted into the mold and then the texturized design in the mold become perfectly oriented, resulting in a harmonious 3 Dimensional embroidery finish. Yoshida is proudly the industry leader in mold decoration and compact decoration technologies.

Recent News

100% recycled material containers

The Yoshida has started production of cosmetic containers using 100% recycled plastic materials from JAN 2020 through 5 years of research work with raw material manufacturers regarding material safety and molding stability.

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