What We Do


The Yoshida Group has designed, developed, and produced packaging for cosmetics for over sixty years. We continue the evolution of innovation and invent state of the art technologies to fulfill the needs of the world's cosmetic brands.

Cosmetic packaging are not just any container.

Cosmetics containers are important elements that dominate the brand image of products.
We create functionally superb, beautiful, and elegant designs that appeal to all who use them.

A history of developing the world's first, state-of-the-art technologies

The development of unique, world-leading innovations such as YK Hook, YK Print, and PLAGLASS®, have
allowed the Yoshida Group to offer sophisticated luxury that meets the needs of cosmetics brands
throughout the world.

  • YK Hook
  • YK Print (Single)

We also provide support for the production and sale of cosmetics

While the Yoshida Group designs, plans, develops and produces original custom packaging, we also
provide support for the sale of standard/stock containers, procurement of cosmetic tools and
marketing items, refills of cosmetics, and for introductions to OEM (third party) partners.

Yoshida Group technologies in other industries

In our efforts to create containers that are user friendly and satisfying to even just hold, we have
developed technologies that are also used in other sectors such as home electronics, the medical
field, and health care.

  • Mobile device's plastic exterior
  • Mobile phone's plastic exterior
  • Medical equipment and containers

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